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olympics, but she says the real prize is serving jesus. >> george: and welcome, everyone, to this week's edition of christian world news. i'm george thomas. >> wendy: and i'm wen giv wendy griffith. for years, the abu saif terrorized the southern philippines. they shocked the world in 2002 by kidnapping american missionaries, martin and grace. today they're still at work, but are they as dangerous as they once were? i went back to basil island to find out. it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and in many ways, untouched by time and progress. but for nearly three decades, a deadly enemy has preyed on the people living in the southern philippines. the enemy, ab siaf, which stands for father of the sword. its goal: make the southern islands an islamic stronghold. beheadings are their signature. they carried it out against guillermo simply because his ransom did not come on time. in 2002, terrorists assigned this man the chilling task of collecting this man's bones. >> if you don't pay taxes, they will kill you. they're very angry with people, especially the foreign tourists. h
in the middle east, palestinians and israelis coming together. >> george: and in 1984, the city was the site of the 1984 olympics, and 10 years later, it was the centre of a civil war that killed 100,000 people, today it is a city struggling to rebuild. >> george: hello, everyone, welcome to this week's edition of christian world news. i'm george thomas. >> wendy: and i'm wendy griffith. bethlehem's church of the israelis and palestinians. upsets jews and christians who say the move mark. landmark, it is about delegitimizing israel. >> reporter: palestinians celebrating the naming of the church of the nativity as a world heritage site, but were even happier that they officially recognized palestine in its decision. >> it is a beginning. we see it as in the correct direction of our rights. >> reporter: that's why israel and evangelical christians are angry. >> the church of nativity is being manipulated by the palestinians, only in order to score some more propaganda points against israel. >> reporter: foreign ministry mobilization man dugal says palestinians arranged this to falsely blame is
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to the monkey. - okay, george, uh, we need to talk. - i was expecting this. two years ago, you walked out on our relationship without any explanation, so now you're here to apologize? - that's not exactly how i remember it. - apology accepted. - george-- - although, in my mind, when we had this conversation, that skirt was right over there on that table. - george, my grandmother left me the hospital. - you don't know the first thing about running a hospital. why would she leave it to you? - you don't - well,e first thing aboubecause i promised her that i'd pour my soul into this place. - that's stupid. are you sure this isn't just an elaborate ploy to get back in my pants? - it's not really hard to get into your pants. - i'll give you that. - i have been running up and down these halls since i was a little girl, okay? and i know that i can improve things here, starting with that mess of a waiting room. come on, follow me. - not gonna follow you. hey, hey, i've won three canine awards and a mountain dew meow. i built this place into the top animal hospital in the country. - yes, but it could be s
this retired member of the united states marine corps, a veteran and his wonderful wife, george n. charles schulz -- george and charlotte shultz. this afternoon, we are doing something that, frankly, should have been done a long time ago. in this city, when the concept of a memorial for veterans what spurs done, they said it would be right here. of course, we have finally, after many, many tries, got this right. in 1936, the construction produced it, and then there was six or seven additional times from the original time, and it does not to work, but finally, about two or three years ago, we got it right. the board of trustees decided in their wisdom to say thank-you to two incredible san franciscans in making the horseshoe circle named in their honor. all of you have come for this occasion. the man who presides over this city, for purposes of everything, is, of course, the mayor. directly across the street is where he journeys from on this occasion. ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you, the mayor of the city and county of san francisco, would just celebrated his 60th birthday, mayo
an extraordinarily difficult two years for george and his family and we've spent literally hundreds of hours with this client talking about his case and talking about everything under the sun. we've been extraordinarily proud to represent him and delighted to have gotten to know his wonderful family who you heard from in court today. my partner, mr. lawrence and i, are trial attorneys. we're in and out of this court all the time. this is what we do for a halving and we fundamentally believe in the jury system and in our courts, but we fundamentally disagree that the conviction in this case for second degree murder was at all appropriate and we basically disagree with the sentence imposed today. we think that george was convicted of a crime inconsistent with the facts and he seed the penalty inconsistent with what -- received the penalty inconsistent with what the evidence would require. mr. huguely will appeal these convictions. he'll appeal his sentence. our system provides that a single person or a single group of people are not the final arbiters. we are confident that a mature and carefu
in illinois. the bus was on route from -- to see st. louis to chicago when the crash. >>mark: george is attracting a hot spot. >>george: this is an redwood city where we have an accident and the debris spilled. it is backing up the traffic on woodside expressway. we will give you more information when we come back with kron 4 morning news pin >>mark: new tactics is being put in place and oakland called the police department is trying to get a handle on the crime. >> we're putting officers in places now because of our crime reduction mode. i have been very confident that we will be able to impact crime. >>mark: they will conform to crime reduction teams, one in east oakland and one in west oakland. >> in the latest issue of the new york times magazine mayor, one has commented on the crime and oakland. she says she feels like she has been set up. >> i feel like the comments are inappropriate and a totally out land is that you would say the police officers in the city where there is a crime from the in-crop crime problem the you consider making these remarks. >>darya: we are trying t
't be easier. the speeches will be shorter. george, they said that they had absolutely no choice. they think we could see winds 70 miles an hour. torrential rain. possible flooding. some of the delegates are staying an hour away on the coast. they were concerned about loading them up on buses, bringing them here. they thought it might have been a safety issue. it may be george, like one of those school days, they call a snow day and the storm ended up not being as much. one other thing, george, every delegate gets one of these red umbrellas. the official republican umbrella. one concern, they're not allowed in the convention hall. but we got ours in. >> the other concern is, as things get started again on tuesday, all of the coverage of the hurricane will overwhelm their effort to get their message out. >> that's exactly right. this is the one time when the republican party has a chance to have the attention of the entire country to their message. right now, they'll be competing with a hurricane for that attention. and as you remember, the exact same thing happened four years ago with hurricane
to adam caskey. >> thursday of school in prince george's county. bring an umbrella for your backpack. think you will need much. we will have a spotty rains throughout the day. much as yesterday, but as cool outside as yesterday. 66 in northwest d.c., 65 in hill, 65 inon gainesville. to about 80 degrees for the gh temperature. locations in the upper 70's sunnyh a few breaks. baden, what's the latest? >> off to a pretty good start as far as the beltway, interstate travel. been watching the commute begin to unfold. 81, route 11, interstate 70, 2790, looks good out of southern maryland and in prince george's county. looks good. normal between fredericksburg springfield on i-95 and good between washington and baltimore. >> summer is over for thousands youngsters in prince george's go back to school today. using the tools to keep. them keep that involves speed cameras in school zones. john gonzalez explains from mitchellville. >> much like the students, speed in the area have also been on vacation. they will be turned back on this morning. the superintendent of prince george's county schoo
by his wife and older brother fellow scott.r ridley >> a prince george's county forced toicer was shoot a suspect in oxon hill. this started when officers were called to the 5000 block of barnaby lane divide for reports of a suspicious person. police found a bloody man high pcp. when they tried to help the man, combative and that's n officer used his taser on a suspect. the prongs from his body. then he threatened to kill the officer. officer then fired his weapon when the man approached him. he was taken to the hospital. the officer has been placed on leave.trative officers received minor injuries. forman allegedly shot a times and stole $60 him in august of 2010 at sherman circle nw as the man was g home from his job better restaurant. the suspect is charged with beony murder and will sentenced today. a man was served 12 years in for 1996 murder will orange county court today. was convicted in 2001 of killing a 74-year- named thelma. a judge set aside his conviction in a feb. saying authorities violated his rights by not disclosing the -- that prosecutors with a jailhouse snitch. now
the next olympics, brazil. >> george: how much sporting events draw hundreds of thousands of visitors and create lots of excitement, but there is a dark side: the exploitation of children. it is called sex tourism. and as my colleague, heather cells explains, authorities in brazil are already planning to deal with it. >> reporter: in recent years, growing numbers of tourists have flocked to northern eastern brazil. they take advantage of the beautiful beaches, the colonial agriculture, and tragically, it's children. >> it is very easy to buy a girl. it is like buying chocolate. >> reporter: cbn news travelled to northeast brazil for a closer look at the area's child sex trafficking epidemic. this counsellor describes it as out of control. taxi drivers, hotel workers and drug dealers supply an underground network, for supply and demand. after our interview, we walked to the beach across from our hotel. and he noticed children for sale right in front of us. our translator approached a young boy working as a transvestite. he agreed to tell us how the system works. >> they come in the ca
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the same for the next couple days until we reach the weekend. >>george: are the backup at the bay bridge is not quite as pat is it appears. it just begins at the first over, crossing and is west of 80. it is better if you approach it from the nimitz freeway. east a traffic is still to be found on interstate 580 and highway 4. >>darya: a story we are falling and stiffens cisco deals with a man that was caused with it in a shooting last night. this is and the 3000 block of san bruno ave and san francisco. there was another shooting on monday. let's go live to will tran. >>will: well darya because there have been multiple shootings that least apartment a looking into the possibility that this is a gang related. here's what they had to say. they believe this was an ambush. yet a it happened at 10:00 last night. according to the ant, the can get a piece that saw my uncle coming home stepped outside the gates to read him her and someone to jump out of the bushes and shot them pin we do know that the man was 26 years old. we do not know much about the suspects. we fled on foot a short distance
. >> george: the impact of the flashing lights may be diminished somewhat. the chp says that you can cut over to 37 and take lakeville to avoid the potential delays but i think the big problem that you have pointed out is likely to be through navato on the southbound side with only two lanes, thick live bottle up the south bound by coming out of petaluma and heading south for the rest of marin county. that is the hot spot right now let us get a check of the weather with james fletcher. >> james: we have the daily planner walking us through this we will start off with a morning fog and drizzle. the golden gate bridge camera shows a nice shot of the marine layer. it will be sold to clear, we're looking for slightly cooler temperatures with mostly sunny afternoons. in the evening the fog will come back up against the coastline will have a complete look at your forecast and talk about more long-term things coming >> darya: closing arguments are set to begin a few hours from now. the apple and a samsung battle going on, the two of them have been battling for years of the claim that samsung is stea
>> this week on the journal editorial report. the romney campaign, is it like george w. bush? that's what president obama would have voters believe. should you buy it? and stunning chinese athletes in the olympics. the politics of sports. can a nation's greatness really be measured by the medal standings? welcome to the journal, editorial report. i'm paul gigot. democrats successfully used the phrase, it's the economy, stupid. and that phrase hit a nerve with the american public, but this may be the time for republicans to make that argument as the labor department releases the latest numbers on america's unemployed. a contradictory message of sorts on friday as the unemployment rate rose to 8.3%, while 160,000 new jobs were added, in july. the romney camp wasting no time pushing their plans for the economy, laying out his economic agenda to the wall street journal this week. and is joining the panel. wall street columnist editor, dan henninger and kim extras many. dan, with the new jobs numbers coming out a week after the second quarter growth figures, measley 1 1/2% growth, is th
>>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> we're working several big stories tonight, a prince george's county police officer killed in a crash, another injured, what caused the accident and who police are now looking for. >> plus a close call for a local couple. we'll hear from the homeowners who were inside when a bus smashed into their home. >> way, for parents in fairfax county after a 5-year-old girl was taken from a playground and sexually assaulted. >>> but we begin tonight with breaking news in prince george's county. police have identified the officer who was killed in a deadly crash on interstate 95 today. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm laura evans. >> i'm brian bolter. police say two officers were following a suspicious car when their cruiser ran off the highway into day. one was killed, the other hospitalized. -- into a ditch. one was killed, the other hospitalized. fox 5's bob barnard has the latest tonight. >> reporter: we learned the officer riding in the passenger seat has been treated and released from prince george's hospital tonight. that is the good news. the
rescued two children from a burning home in prince george's county -- a five year-old girl did not survive. firefighters were returned to the neighborhood as it tried to find because the fire. >> pressure on rg3 2 delivered during tonight's preseason team. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the good morning. let's go over to adam caskey. >> here at the belfort furniture weather center -- we do not have anything to track for a change. we have seen pop up showers in the last few days, but nothing right now. you still need your umbrella for later on today, and especially after 3:00 p.m.. we will see the humidity out there. scattered clouds developing. some will develop into thunderstorms. cloudy late today thunderstorms high temperatures, mostly in the lower 90's this afternoon. tomorrow looks like the best chance of the most widespread showers and storms, some of which have a chance of becoming strong and severe late tomorrow. lower humidity and more comfortable on sunday. >> i will show you what is happening on the beltway. kenilworth avenue -- you can tell
than two decades in jail. george huguely is likely to be a when he is man prison. from late this afternoon he was sentenced to 23 years in jail murder of yeardley love. >> on the one hand, you cannot the human being because being is responsible for that behavior, ultimately is under the influence of of all or not. >> the jury heard testimony that was a well liked young man. asamily friend described him e with character and ambition. toldrosecution witnesses of a history of violent behavior and a history of drinking. >> we think that george was convicted of a crime inconsistent with the fact, and he received a penalty h what thent wit evidence would require. >> just prior to the sentence being imposed, huguely addressed love's mother and sister. huguely's family left court without addressing the media. love's family issued a we find no joyg in other sorrow. to put thisved chapter behind us. huguely's family left the court .oom they were about 20 members of the family in the courtroom. they later issued a statement saying today is a sad day for our family. we love george and w
finding suspect involved in the chase a prince george's county police officer. 23-year-old adrian morris and thepartner were pursuing patrol caren their left the road and crashed into a ditch. adrian morris died. his partner suffered non-life- threatening injuries. stephen tschida has more. >> a horrific accidents off 95 involving two young prince george's county police officers. of the officers pleaded with at the scene to help his adrian morris, who had vehicle.wn from the >> he kept yelling at his give morrisng just some attention. thought he was ok. morris was pronounced dead a princehile later at george's hospital center. officers would gathered at the hospital took the news hard. we have learned more about what led to the chase. this man and an accomplice broke a vehicle at a laurel shell station. two officers responded to the call. a gas station employee that the suspect vehicle returned to the station. the police officers drove off after the suspect's car. >> . that the suspect liberally ran the officers off the road. it had temporary tax. >> i hope they catch him and put him awa
by harry reid's charge? >> what is he hiding? i stand by the fact -- george, i stand by the fact that i believe, like the overwhelming majority of voters show, because polls show that mitt romney owes us more than one more year of tax returns. why he's decided to invest in foreign countries as opposed to investing in the united states? oweses a answers to why he shipped jobs overseas at bain. when president obama has a plan to insent vise companies to bring jobs back here. they weren't raised by harry reid. they were raised by voters, people who have a right to ask and mitt romney has yet to come clean. >>> one final question, president obama celebrating his birthday, he got a little present from the rnc over the weekend. i want to show you. birthday cake, you didn't bake this. happy birthday mr. president. do you think the president will be able to shake "you didn't build" line? >> supporting cuts in investments like education, like infrastructure, like all of the things that we know help businesses thrive. small businesses have an opportunity to thrive. large businesses nap's why he p
. that is what we are watching here and the kron 4 news to >>mark: we are watching our hot spot. >>gary: >>george: we're dealing with slow and go and stop and go conditions. it is 19 minutes now. for the delay. i would picks something like the dumbarton bridge or the bay bridge where the traffic is light. the kron 4 morning news will be right back. be right back. 3q take the gamble out of stain removal. only resolve all-stains has two formula chambers, to remove all types of stains. using shout or oxiclean? that's just playing the odds. don't chance it, resolve it. see a resolve difference or it's free. >>erica: someone responded the house of maile cyrus saying that there was a home invasion. that was a crankpin lady got a-- lady gaga is the queen of twitter. as you head of retort facebook fan page you head details of them about the music festival. >>darya: we will give you an update with george for the hot spot. >>george: highway 92 in the westbound direction is starting to move once again since the stall his they cleared. the drive time is still new 20 minutes. we will have more when the kron
and our powerhouse roundtable. with george will, ann coulter, van jones, steve rathner and jon karl. >>> plus, abc news at the olympics. all of the latest from london. >>> hello, again, and how about that michael phelps? what a stunning cap to his olympic career last night. 18th gold medal. as the top olympian ever. we'll have more on that coming up. >>> but politics first, face-off for the party chairs in the first week in august. debbie wasserman schultz here for the democrats and reince priebus for the republicans. debbie, let me start with you, unemployment report that came out on friday the good news, 163,000 jobs created. bad news, unemployment up to 8.3%. that makes 42 straight months of unemployment above 8%. no president since fdr has been elected with numbers close to that, so how do you respond to americans who say that 8% unemployment just isn't good enough? >> we know that we need to keep pressing forward and continue to fight for new jobs and getting this economy turned around. but what we do also know is that we have had 29 straight months of job growth. now in the pr
these temperatures are expected to head into the afternoon. >> george: here's a quick commute check starting with a look at the bay bridge. >> george: for the south bay peninsula and north bay, you are still looking at pretty light conditions. >> justine: just in to the kron4 newsroom, we are following some live pictures as mitt romney continues his bus tour. he has to stop in florida. these are live pictures as he awaits the big crowd. the event is about to start at any moment. his first stop will be with center mark o. rubio he was not his pick for vice president, but after this break we will learn a lot more. be right back. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all
degree murder case against george zimmerman claim they mistakenly released a trophy of confidential documents and photos including a picture of trayvon martin's body and george zimmerman's grades. is clicking "like" on facebook free speech? could it cost you your job? that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but first from fox at 3:00, three more american soldiers are dead today after a man they believed to be an ally turned his weapon against them. that according to the military. the associated press now reporting that the number of attacks which someone dressed in an afghan security forces uniform kills their u.s. or nato partners is up by more than double. afghan officials say the killer was a commander who invited the americans to dinner to discuss security. when he and his colleagues ambushed them next. no confirmation from the pentagon but sources say the victims much marine special ops forces and this is the third time just this week a member of afghan security or someone dressed as one has attacked nato or united u.s. troops. it is ha
let us go to traffic. >> george: looking at slow traffic and possibly a house by developing and the westbound direction. and after that is reported in the middle lanes. the drive time has sky rocketed up to 38 minutes in a westbound direction it should be less than that for your ride coming in through the altamont pass. i will have more and a full update coming up. >> darya: thank you george, all lanes of antioch are open right now after a fatal crash involving an accident where a pedestrian was struck and killed. the chp says that the inland was driving at the speed limit when it struck this pedestrian. >> the pedestrian that out of the driver's seat and ran directly across the road into the freeway in was struck by the ambulance and the fast lane. the ambulance driver stopped and attempted to render first aid to the suspect. >> darya: the language shut down for about two hours we can have the identity of the person killed. >> mark: another shooting incident of the cab of a violent week. will tran is live in san jose with more on the violence. >> reporter: more specif
source? >> george, i don't know who the source is. >> isn't that the point? >> if romney can clear this up -- mitt romney could clear this up in ten seconds by releasing 23 years of tax returns when he gave to john mccain when he was being vetted for vice president. even 12 years of tax returns that his own father said was appropriate. >> but it's one thing to say -- >> let's not forget a week ago, mitt romney said, in response to a reporter's question, when asked if he had ever paid a rate below 13.9%, that he would check and get back to us. i'm glad that i wasn't holding my breath, he still hasn't responded. whether he's paid a lower tax rate. >> but he has denied that he hasn't paid taxes for ten years. i take your point that it would be right to show more tax returns. at the same time, i can't believe that you think it would be okay to make a charge like that with no evidence. >> like i said, i don't know whose harry reid source was, but i do know that this is a question that has swirled around mitt romney for this entire campaign. i do know that he could clear it up just like
up early, too. starting off this new school year. prince george's county where it's dry now. showing a few sprinkles trying to reach the ground from culpeper into stafford and perhaps parts north of manassas near hay market and prince george's county. farther north, across southern loudoun county where dulles airport is up towards leesburg. crossing the potomac, a few sprinkles up in the central montgomery county. elsewhere, we're dry. temperatures, prince george's in the mid 60s. low to mid 60s in montgomery. fairfax county, near 70 in arlington, the district, and the chesapeake bay. shenandoah valley, low 60sthis morning. by 7:00 a.m., just a small chance of few sprinkles. otherwise cloudy and 60s no noontime. mid 80s. and then late afternoon, might get an isolated shower or thunder shower as you're heading back home from work and school. grab an umbrella. danella is here with a look at the latest first 4 traffic. >> good morning to you. breaking news on i-95 northbound, chopper 4 is over the earlier accident just in the median here. along i-95 in virginia at the beltway. it was bl
that seem impossible today become manageable in the future. >> host: george gilder when you see the fight to in congress over the debt ceiling or the tax rates what would you like to see congress do? >> it is a theater of the absurd. we need to flat senate tax rates and deregulate. i tell this story to a number of countries that face a crisis far exceeding our own. is the land is my favorite. the third richest in the world in 1930's. by the 1980's was the third world countries. it could not even feed itself. it is essentially was a socialist country. fifth latin to government spending and eliminate did add cracker troll subsidies it started not only feeding itself but became a great source of food around the world and competed with dairy products and wisconsin so aggressively they accuse them of unfair trading practices. it is the great vanity of bureaucrats somehow their jobs are important but we have eliminated 150,000 bureaucrats and the keynesian economist declared it would cause a new great depression, the worst dislocation that anybody faced and instead we enter the 1950 use that wa
on the george washington parkway -- stuff that is close as they take care of accident activity. george washington, southbound. elsewhere, they are moving construction out of the way. between richmond and baltimore -- we will show you a live picture of the beltway moving nicely at university boulevard. more to come on the traffic seen. now to news. >> thanks very much. new this morning, a moderate earthquake rattled the los angeles area. the 4.4 quake was centered in northern orange -- northern orange county. aftershocks' soon far -- aftershocks soon followed. no reports of damage or injuries. pepco will hear from another round of angry customers over its response to strums last month. the public service commission will hold its second of eight hearings. >> jay korff was at the meeting, where average customer's lit into pepco. >> each common to have five minutes. >> misappropriation of funds. >> for pepco response to the devastating derecho that knocked out power to thousands for a week. >> it is badly regulated badly overseen, and not working. >> many who packed a public hearing felt
george's county got to air their feelings during last week's. the special session of the maryland general assembly resumes today. >> the house of delegates takes up a bill to expand gambling. the house committee will hold a hearing on the bill this afternoon. the legislature would allow table games and authorize a new casino at prince george's county. the senate passed a bill on friday. if the house approves, it will go to maryland voters in november. the maryland house is expected to take up a bill making pet owners responsible for dog attacks. senate approved on friday. this was after a ruling that declared pit bulls to be dangerous and may property owners liable for tax. >>-- for attacks. >> president obama goes to the iowa before the start of a three-day bus tour. he held five fund-raisers in chicago yesterday, hoping to raise $4 million. vice president biden campaigned in north carolina and the coastal virginia tonight. mitt romney and paul ryan romney coast of florida for three campaign appearances. his running mate will be in iowa. thousands of people turned out for a joint campai
. in the next half-hour, what his mother says about his arrest. >> around prince george's county, charges pending against a father accused of kidnapping his 1-year-old son. >> an amber alert was issued for little cesar martinez, last seen with his father. shortly after father that alert was canceled after martinez was located on harmed with his father in district heights. the man is in police custody this morning. >> in the day ahead the former uva lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend has a court hearing today. in charlottesville the court will consider george huguely's request for a new trial. he was convicted in february of second-degree murder in the death of yeardley love. he is scheduled to be sentenced august 30. >> d.c. taxicabs are getting an upgrade. mayor vincent gray will introduce a new smart meter system. that includes credit card readers, gps navigation, and other features. council member marion barry has filed a resolution to renegotiate the contract. >> cleanup expected to continue after a deadly train derailment in ellicott city. >> a few college student
releasing a new ad that tries to link mitt romney to former president george w. bush. take a look. >> you watched and worried, two wars, tax cuts for millionaires, debt piled up and now, we face a choice: mitt romney's plan, a new $250,000 tax cut for millionaires and increased military spending and or president obama's plan, deficit reduction, millionaires pay a little more. i'm president obama and i approved this message because to cut the deficit we need everyone to pay their fair share. >> paul: okay, so is the obama camp saying a vote for mitt romney means two more wars? kim, explain to us what the obama camp is saying with this strategy of linking mitt romney to george w. bush. >> well, this is part of the alternate reality of the obama world. what we have to do is blame everything that's wrong in the country right now on george w. bush, blame it on the wars, blame it on the president bush's tax cuts and everything else. of course, it's not actually why we're in the situation we are. it's in part because we had a big housing crisis and also, compounded, dramatically by president oba
the forecast coming up. it is time now for your morning drive with george. >> george: thinking here, first detected at the bay bridge were your ride is pretty light. the quick commute check shows for these they we only have heavy traffic on interstate 580 and highway for the doing well we are not tracking any delays. >> mark: let us go to san francisco suspended share for ross mirkarimi will go on from of the ethics committee. will tran is live to report. >> will: he should be here within a couple hours from now. this is a huge day for him and his family this to the first time you get to walk to city hall in go before the ethics commission to present his side of the story as to why he should be reinstated as the sheriff of san francisco. here is video of him in his previous appearances. he says that what he did on december 31st happened before he became sheriff, therefore there should not be applied to him. back in march, mayor ed lee suspended him after he pled kilties to false imprisonment for the december 31st incident at his home where he left a bruise on his wife's on. this led to leg
to 23 years in prison for the death of his ex- girlfriend. george hugely was convicted of second-degree murder of yeardley love in 2010. the sentence was handed down a little over an hour ago. paul? >> reporter: george hugely had to endure three hours of testimony before hearing the sentence, and it was reduced by two years by judge hogshire. the jury, if you recall, recommended the sentence of 26 years. 25 for the second-degree murder and one year for the grand larceny of yeardley love's computer. and at one point, the prosecution put on several other witnesses involving george hugely and the defense put on several witness whose talked about his character, what kind of a person who was. his aunt took the stand and called him georgey and said what a wonderful person he was and called him a, quote, people magnet and a priest took the stand saying he got to know george hugely the last few years and hugely got his turn to say what he wanted to say. it was brief. he stood and said mrs. love and lexie, i am so sorry for your loss. i hope you find peace. at that point, his knees appear
, george. >> no question about that, diane. energetic delivery. it was a broad indictment of president obama's economic policy. a big gamble, putting medicare front and center. in this debate. and also, brazen in some of his claims. i want to get a quick reaction from everybody here. >> there he is on stage. he's there with his family, his three kids, ages 10 to 7, liza, charles and sam. one of them may have nodded off a little bit. earlier this afternoon, they practiced their waves. >> they were going to go up there and practice it with dad. let me go quickly to george will. we saw how much this crowd loved it. i got an e-mail got from a top democrat, it was audacious in its dishonesty. >> the sound you heard over the crowd was the loud slap of the gauntlet being thrown down. this nation needs this debate, it wants this debate, we will win this debate. four conventions ago, george, at that stage, accepting the vice presidential nomination, jack kemp, who preached against root canal politics. he was the apostle of sunny conservatism. paul ryan is saying, you can be a sunny conservative
-- just power just prior to it being imposed george huguely addressed yeardley love's family, saying i am so sorry for your loss. i hope you find peace. the family did not come out for the cameras in the last 20 minutes but did release a statement, saying in part, "we find no joy in others sarraute. we are happy to put this chapter behind us." again, george huguely will serve 23 years in jail for the murder of yeardley love. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> we have a team of reporters there in charlottesville and we will bring you more at 6:00 tonight. >> as the rain cleared, we are getting a better picture of the damage left behind by hurricane isaac. a weakened dam poses a new threat as isaac moves north. >> this is what is going on now down there. work is being done to prevent a major dam near the gulf from breaking. ri now controlled release of a badly damaged dam on the mississippi-louisiana border is underway. >> they are planning a planned breach of that dam to avoid or prevent it from breaking. mississippi residents had to evacuate this afternoon. >> the dam is an imminent threat o
to our maps and this time head into prince george's county. no issues on the beltway, if you are coming in on the bw parkway, the beltway is looking great as you travel between i-95 and the wilson school bridge. we'll take a live look at the beltway here. no issues between 270 and 66. back in a few minutes with more traffic. >>> the slight coolness in the air some morning is a sign summer will soon be over. it is over in just a few hours for prince george's county students. >> they are headed back to school today. peggy fox is live in mitchellvie, maryland where the buses are getting ready to roll. good morning peg. >> reporter: good morning. first, anybody driving through prince george's county today, be aware school children are out today. slow down for their own safety and for your own wallet, because there are speed cameras up in the school zones. there are 123,000 school children in prince george's county. the new greenbelt middle school is opening its doors today. take a look over the weekend. many families came to a back to school fair. this will bring a big change in leadership.
to higher ground as a precaution. >> happening right now, prince george's county police wrapping up a major search for evidence for in the murder of a teenager. amber stanley was shot and killed inside her family home on august 22, but the motive behind the killing is still question. jummy olabanji joins us from kettering with the search for answers. >> dozens of prince george county police officers just left the scene about 20 minutes ago. they focused a lot on this ravine that you see behind me. it is a couple blocks down the street from amber stanley's home. police believe whoever shot her may have run through this area. >> we need. the public's need >> prince george's county homicide detectives and cadets continue their search all over a 17-year-old amber stanley's kettering neighborhood. looking for clues in storm drains and trash cans. help today's increased presence will encourage anyone with even a tiny bits of information to come forward. >> so many times when you get a lead on the case somebody will say i did not think it mattered. it may not seem that significant to the person, b
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